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Siberian Husky Rescue Sites:

Siberian Husky Rescue
Bay Area Siberian Husky Rescue Referal
California Siberian Husky Rescue/Referal
Central California Siberian Husky Rescue Referal
Central Coast Northern Dog Rescue
North Bay Sled Dog Rescue
East Tennessee Sleddog Rescue
Southern California Siberian Husky Rescue
Husky Helpers
Ontario Canada Rescue
Arlington/Fort Worth Siberian Husky Rescue
Angels of the Snow
K9 Ebi's All Breed/Mix Rescue

On www.Sibernet.COM:

The Siberian Husky Memorial Page
Tasha's Page
Shadow's Page
"The Usual Suspects" (Adina and Stanley's) Page
Bandit's Page
Stoli Siberians Page
Rory's Puppies Page
Linka's Puppies Page
Dimitri's Page
K9 Ebi's All Breed/Mix Rescue

Bay Area Siberian Husky Resources:

Bay Area Siberian Husky Club
BASH has excellent resources on what to do with your Siberian Husky.
Mount Hamilton Siberian Husky Club

Other Sites:

Everything Husky, Murray Lundberg has a site with many Husky links.
The Sibernet Gallery (The Siberian Huskies of the SIBERNET-L)
Stephen Lee's Home Page (Great mushing source)
And his OooWoo Racing Kennel Images
Chet Haywood's, Thor's and Loki's Home Page
Syntari Syberian Huskies Home Page
And their Photo Album" (Nice Pictures)
Kossok's Siberians
Colors of the Siberian Husky ,    Everything you wanted to know about diferent Siberian Husky Colors.
Siberian Express Sled Dog Team
And Their Photo Gallery
Liz Marr (Siberian Huskies and Belgian Tervurens)
How to subscribe to SIBERNET-L
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Other sites of interest:, Travel with your dog.
K9-Web, information about most all breeds.