Magic Moment

'Twas a clear and starry night and the nearly-full moon had just started it's ascent of the evening sky. The air was crisp and cold - a perfect night for four Siberians and their humans to get together in the outdoor hockey rink for an hour of play. We watched as the dogs raced around the rink, delighting in their speed and agility. Something caught my eye and I looked up to the night sky. What I saw took my breath away.

Ribbons of green had appeared in the northern sky. The ribbons became glowing waves that swooped and swayed in a silent cosmic dance. The dogs, oblivious to the performance above, continued to play while we gazed upward, mesmerized by the exquisite beauty that is the Northern Lights. The dance lasted some 15 magical minutes and ended with what we can only describe as the silhouette of a dog racing through the stars. We stood in silence, hoping desperately for more, but the touch of warm fur brought our attention back to a more earthly plane.

It is said when a Siberian crosses the Rainbow Bridge, they receive a beautiful silver harness. As they run and play, free from pain and harm, the reflections from those harnesses dance across the sky. To those left behind, these reflections appear as the Northern Lights.

So thank you Kiska (1987-2002), Argus (1985-1998), Kane (1983-1994) and all the others, for the magic moment. I've never seen you shine so brightly as you did last night.

~ Karen Armstrong
~ Winnipeg Canada (1 hour north of the US/Canada border where we don't see the Northern Lights as often as we'd like)

The preceeding was posted to the Sibernet-L discussion list on Friday the 25th of October 2002. There are many stories about the Rainbow Bridge, including North of the Rainbow Bridge, and the tale of the Silver Harness. But this is the definitive description of what we would see from our earthbound reference when a team of Huskies with their Silver Harnesses shining bright as they go racing by. You can almost hear the ghostly musher calling out: "On By".

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